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Fulcrum Myotherapy

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy techniques treat muscles and tendons damaged or impaired, knotted, tense or immobile, supporting your body's own repair mechanisms. Postural problems, medical conditions, sport or accidental injury and many more conditions can be treated with a tailored set of techniques. Stress or tension can also be relieved using targeted techniques.

There are many additional benefits to Massage Therapy...

Prenatal Massage

C-Section Scar Treatment

- Prenatal massage is  specifically tailored to the changing needs of women during the course of their pregnancy.  Pregnancy massage can ease some of the strains and stresses of pregnancy including headaches, muscle tension, swelling.

- C-section massage therapy has been shown to be extremely helpful in the recovery from c-section surgery, giving a much better outcome both aesthetically and physically for my clients. The increased movement improves the muscles' function and reduces pain, therefore making it a lot easier to exercise.


TMJ Massage

Research has shown that massage is one of the most effective self-care strategies for both relieving and controlling the pain of TMJ symptoms, reducing joint clicking and increasing mouth-opening.


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